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Construction Company Website Design Service

Proper construction website design, with the right keywords, and SEO is the key to creating a sales Generating Construction Websites

Are you an established contractor (electrician, plumber, home inspector, real estate agent) with years of practical experience with poor, little or zero digital presence? We provide construction websites for contractors who do not have a good Internet presence as compared to their competitors.  Discover the easiest and a guaranteed way with which you can attract visitors and convert them into potential buyers of your construction services.

Boost your online presence by using the services of our website designs for contractors and witness a noticeable boost in your sales and profits.

Is a construction website necessary for contractors?

Whatever trade, or service profession you do for a living, your clients assess your credibility through your online presence. An excellent quality construction company website design is essential to give you a rise both in leads and sales.

Did you know that 81% of people evaluate a company’s reliability and soundness based on their website? Therefore, having a professional construction website design is necessary for you to outshine your competitors.

You may already have a website, but is it able to attract enough visitors, convert them into leads, and book you new business?

The key to getting more clients is having a contemporary construction website design, with advanced SEO (search engine optimization) to rank your website with various search engines like Google, Microsoft Bing,, and others. Enhance your digital presence now and let much more of your audience find you.

Your website emerges as the most important marketing tool for your construction company. It bridges the gap between the services client’s demand, and the solutions you offer them.

We at Trade Industry Websites offer you a professionally designed website for contractors, with a guaranteed increase in leads, when using our SEO options. Our eye for details and skill for designing customized websites design for contractors can help you earn projects you have always dreamt of.

An average construction service with a great website outlook, exemplary content, and user-friendly interface can clearly outsell a good service with an average-looking website.

So, why stay behind your competitors, when you offer experience, and quality?

Let us help you in getting a premium quality website design for your construction company now.

Services We Offer

Convenient and Adaptable Website Designs

Many of your potential customers will not be viewing your website on a PC or a laptop. We design a mobile-friendly website to help your audience reach you instantly whenever and wherever. All websites are designed, coded, and optimized, keeping in mind the most used mobile operating systems. These are called dynamic websites, proper viewing on a cell phone, tablet, PC, and laptop.

According to the most recent stats, more than 1.2 million online searches for contractors have been reported by consumers every month. This means there is ample growth opportunities are available in the market. You just need to revamp your online presence with an attractive and user-friendly construction company website designs like the ones our team of talented web developers carefully craft for the Trade and Service Industry.

WordPress Website Design with Step-by-Step Guidance

With a track record of proven success in the web designing market, we utilize the most advanced WordPress technology to assist you in handling your website. From content to images, the WordPress platform is utilized to allow multiple access across the web.

Whether you are working from your office, or from home, your website knows no boundaries. It will keep generating leads to help your construction business grow day-to-day by bringing in more projects and attracting potential consumers.

Host with us, and WordPress administration access will be added.  You will be able to add new images or content to your website whenever you like. And you will able you to track the number of organic visitors to your site. Or we can handle any changes you want for a nominal fee.

Customized Website Copywriting

The right content is the backbone for any business. Nobody has time to go through a boring website, and disengaging content. Your audience is looking for the best construction company, and you have only a few lines to impress them. Your website is your online portfolio through which consumers will judge your market value, and overall credibility. The content and the look your site has to be done right.

Our dedicated team of content writers can improve your online presence and develop customized content that helps bring in more sales. Our writing will reflect your goals, and your target audience so more leads will come your way.

Homepage & Landing Page – What is the Difference?

The Homepage is the first thing consumers notice after coming to your website. This is where visitors can easily find navigation to the rest of the pages or posts on your site. This page will define what your company does. And the homepage needs to make visitors want to spend more time on your website, this greatly increasing the chances of them becoming a customer.

A landing page is designed to greet traffic from a click on an ad on Google or a link from an email. The information on the landing page should funnel visitors for a specific goal. Goals such as, requesting a quote, making a purchase, or signing up for a newsletter.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization

Our web developers have a thorough understanding of on-page SEO, and off-page SEO. Our experts in SEO are ready to boost your website on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo with their hands-on experience in the market. We make sure your website shows up in the first pages when searched for using specific keywords.

Users trust organic results from Google more than the paid ads that appear on any other digital platform; therefore, a strong SEO campaign is a must for business growth. If you want to connect with your target audience, then invest in SEO. Search engine optimization will direct your target audience towards your website- provided you let professionals handle it.

Fast and Secure web designs for contractors

Who likes to use a website which keeps loading? A slow website can cause up to 7% reductions in sales and lead generation which you must avoid if you want to win more consumers. We offer fast and user-friendly website designs for contractors for an optimal experience.

Our HTTPS websites are also secured to reduce data handling mishaps up to a great extent. Your consumers can safely fill in their information, be it their contact phone number, or address.

88% of consumers switch to another website within seconds in case of a negative encounter (which can be as simple as a slow loading website). In this highly competitive business market, only a single unpleasant experience is enough to make a potential customer move over to your competitor.

Even as you are reading this, your competitor is busy grabbing clients with an already optimized and secured website. So why procrastinate?, talk to us today to get your customized construction website design going. Be visible to consumers who do not know you yet, but will benefit from your quality services in future.

Logo Designing

Your logo is more than just a visual representation of your company’s name. It fosters your brand identity in the market and enables audience to remember you and trust you more. A creative logo has the power to add a professional image onto your website. We can create a professional logo for your business, narrating your brand’s story through a dynamic and customized symbol.

Our team understands the importance of a logo in making the very first impression on your consumers and how it must be done right to grab their attention. Talk to us today and get a  logo for your business.

Secure Web Hosting

Ample server space is required to run every website smoothly. A secure web hosting protects your website and data from malicious attacks and unwanted transference of content on visitor’s browsers. Your files and domain name also get secured physical space on internet server with great web hosting.

Along with secured web hosting, we also perform a backup of your website, so why not let us host on your behalf? Leave the data-backup-hosting hassle for us and drive your business with a peace of mind.

Why Choose Us

No Hidden Charges

Our transparent pricing makes us different from other website designing companies. Your domain belongs to you, and we do not overcharge for hosting your domain (URL).

We treat our customers with honesty and respect. Strict ethical guidelines are followed to ensure a professional yet friendly working environment that favors both parties.

Timely Delivery

In order to make sure to deliver every project within the set deadline, we know how important each and every minute is in the business market. We deliver what we promise on the set date.

There is no compromise on quality; therefore, we will not overbook. If we are unable to deliver your website design in the time frame you want, you will know this upfront. Overbooking, and delivering low-quality work is not our thing.

From standard to advanced, we check our codes on all the major browsers before launching it. Our websites successfully load on Firefox, Chrome, Bing and, Safari, and others.

Highly Qualified and Well-trained Professionals

Our selection criteria is very strict, we recruit only the best professionals from the market. Our skilled team of professionals understand the strategies to succeed in today’s digital world via a great looking website. These talented individuals are ready to design unique websites to help you achieve your goal within a limited time.

Our team includes dedicated writers, website designers, web developers, SEO experts.

Individualistic Approach for every construction website

Every business has a story to tell. We believe in uniqueness and genuine customization of construction websites according to your personal mission, work experience, qualifications, and services you aim to provide.

You talk, and we listen- our approach is to let our clients speak their heart out in front of us so we could convert their passion into a visually dynamic website. Therefore, every website we create is amazingly unique and reflects upon the owner’s goals, this is not always the case in the website construction industry.

Contact us Today

If you have read this far, you know you probably have an interest in having a construction website that would be able to generate the kind of response your hard work and efforts really deserve.

All that is left is the action to do it and you are just a one call away from your success. Please contact us now and let’s Get Started.