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Who we are

Our company is one of the leading electrical contractors. In fact, the company has a record of offering top-notch services. Also, it works to achieve the best results on all projects, whether big or small.  As a matter of fact, the company understands the need for better electrical service and sets out to achieve this.

Our goal

The primary goal of Example Electrical Contractors is to offer high quality electrical services. We focus on strong customer relations with our clients. We always want our customers to feel part of the company.  Also, we understand the importance of knowledge and skills in this industry. For this reason, the company hires and retains qualified employees. The employees fulfill the vision and mission of the company.


Our records show more than 22 projects completed within a period of 5 years. We take pleasure in having a clean record of offering electrical services in the construction industry.  Even today, our experts put more effort to deliver high-quality services. We offer cable connections, installation of systems and cable design. At present, the company is undertaking other projects in 2 major cities.


Example electrical contractor company offers a variety of services as indicated below;

Wiring in houses

Whether you are building a new property or you need repair services, our company always works to satisfy its customers.

Installing outdoor lights

Our trained experts fix outdoor lights in the correct way. All our outdoor wiring cables are rainproof. Also, the wiring materials are of high quality. We install all switches, joint boxes, and wires.

Installing fire alarms

We install fire alarms for commercial and domestic properties. Our qualified experts offer appropriate connection. Our team has experience in these projects. They offer the service without failure.

Designing electrical cables based on requirements of property owners

Our company works with property owners and other construction engineers. They design electrical systems that meet the client’s expectations and preference.

Industrial, commercial and agricultural electrical services

If you need electrical systems for commercial projects, our company is here for you. We also provide repair and expansion services.  People in rural areas request our services. We install irrigation systems on ranches and farms. We also connect electricity cables in rural areas.  Above all, we understand the importance of lighting your business. We help you achieve your dreams through our electrical services.

High-voltage services

The company handles all underground and overhead power line construction services. They have the skills required in installing communication systems. We also assist in preventing system failure. Our team offers regular maintenance of high-power equipment.

Why should you choose us?

Our company stands out in terms of quality services. We also complete projects within time. Furthermore, we value customer relationships. When we handle your project, you are always part of all the decisions.

We design cables, fix them and work on the entire electrical system.  Our materials are of high quality. Also, the experts ensure that everything is in place. At Example, we go beyond expectations to achieve perfection. You can always reach us any time.