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A post page is normally an article about your business, or your industry. Posts will increase your SEO.
1. Women don’t like gray, orange, and brown. They like blue, purple, and green. 2. Men don’t like purple, orange, and brown. Men like blue, green, and black. 3. Use blue in order to cultivate user’s trust. 4. Yellow is for warnings. 5. Green is ideal for environmental and outdoor products. 6. Orange is a fun color that can create a sense of haste or impulse. 7. Black adds a sense of luxury and value. 8. Use bright primary colors for your call to action. 9. Don’t neglect white.
Side bars can be used for articles / posts. And/or images with links to internal, pages, or other websites.
If you live in a very large population such as Los Angeles. It would be Los Angeles and these 5 districts / neighborhoods.