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Company background

Example Landscaping is a company that offers landscaping services to homeowners. Quality services and customer involvement is our focus.  The company has more than 10 years in providing various landscaping services.

We work to satisfy our clients and make them seek our services regularly.  The company’s team of landscapers meets the need of residents and commercial clients. Our goal is to always meet expectations.

A favorable environment is important for all people.  We work on your scenery and give it a personal, pleasing and functional touch. Example Landscaping does not settle for less when it comes to executing its duties.

Our experienced team provides complete maintenance services to customer’s homes and commercial landscapes. Also, the company’s trained horticulturists assess your garden and work on the fence and flowers effectively.

We are leading and licensed landscapers. Clients trust our services to take care of their gardens. For a garden to look attractive and well kept, you need landscaping services. We do more than just mowing the garden.

Our team does soil assessments. They also advise customers on which plants can perfectly grow in the garden. The team also tends to flowers and makes the garden appear radiant and attractive.

Experience and professionalism

Example Landscaping leads from the front. Our team is highly skilled and experienced in landscaping.  We have more than 10 years in this field. Therefore, we only deliver the best services.

Our company fulfills landscaping expectations as outlined by various local and professional organizations. We are knowledgeable in service delivery and customer relationships.

Why Example Landscaping?

Three words define us; reliable, respectable and customer-oriented.  Example landscaping always completes projects on time. The company also works within the budget of customers. Our team communicates with clients throughout the project to ensure that expectations are met.

We work to meet your standards and respect your opinions. Quality workmanship is our principle. Concerning customer satisfaction, we only stop when you are satisfied.  We offer nothing but the best landscaping services.


Landscape installation

We always strive to make your vision a reality. Whether you need a fresh garden or require a touch on an existing landscape, we walk with you. Our team examines your garden in terms of soil pH and water retention. We advise you on the best plants to grow in your garden.

Landscape design

Example Landscaping has a team of landscape designers who provide services such as layout, plant selection, and oversight.  We consider your preferences during the design process.

Landscape maintenance

We offer various maintenance services such as;

  • Bed care
  • Mowing
  • Mulching
  • fertilizing
  • Pruning
  • Trimming
  • lawn aeration
  • Planting
  • removal of annual plants
  • Over-seeding
  • leaf removal and
  • shrub care

Landscape irrigation

We help you nurture your garden. Our water management team ensures that your water system works effectively. We do system installation, repair, inspection, and maintenance. Our irrigation experts help you to conserve water. The team also installs rainwater harvest systems.

Hardscape services

The beauty of your garden cannot be complete without hardscape.  We install patio pavers that add to the design, texture, and appearance of your landscape. We use durable hardscape materials such as concrete or asphalt.