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Website Development & SEO


Redesign | Modifications

Please tell us what modifications you need done to your existing website, and we will quote you.
Please provide your URL | website address.
Minimum fee is $75.00
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New Website

1 page website $195.00 Example

Multiple Page Websites Customizable sites for as low as $495.00 (average 5 pages)

  • Includes 1st year of web hosting
  • Includes domain
  • Includes up to 10 images
  • Includes web content / text supplied by you, and tweaking by us for website optimization.
  • Includes a simple contact form, just like Contact Us

A website like inspection-findings-solutions will cost multiple thousands, (content written and supplied by us)

Content Writing

* If you are not providing the website content/text. You would need to provide a general topic for each section, and then we will write the content.

  • Home page written content by us, usually about $125.00 up to 400 words
  • Additional written content for each other page, $75.00 up to 250 words
Add a Video

We can make a video similar as shown on the home page for about $150.00. Or you can supply us with a YouTube video to add to your website at no charge.

Website Design


Domain Purchase

It makes it easier if you let us purchase your domain for you. We charge what it costs, generally about $15.00 to $20.00.

Logo Design

​If you need a logo, we would be happy to take care of that. Usual cost is $150.00.

Basic SEO

Good content writing, with focus on your key words, is a tried and proven method long term method for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a method of optimizing (enhancing the effectiveness of) your content for the search engines, in order to help it rank higher than content from other sites that target the same search terms.


We can host you website for as little as $6.50 a month – if paid in advance for 1 yr $78, or $10.00 a month, billed automatically monthly. There is no web hosting fee for the first year, however changes are not free. If you need a minor text change, that can be done for as little as $12.00. Major changes would be quoted before the start of any work.

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(Use the Contact Us form for redesign or rework of an existing website)

All websites will come with a basic contact form, similar to the Contact Us form on this site. This does not count as a page, A more complex form like this form (Get Started), would count as a web page and cost about $65.00.
If you live in a very large population such as Los Angeles. It would be Los Angeles and these 5 districts / neighborhoods.

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