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SEO Keywords

SEO keywords are the words or phrases that people enter into search engines when in search of something on the internet. They guide search engines in providing relevant information to searchers online.

People do thousands of searches on Google, Yahoo, Baidu and Bing every day.  These search engines analyze searches on similar items based on the words that the searchers used. They then rank these words and come up with the most common ones used. Websites that make use of these words and phrases have higher chances of being presented first in the results when a search is done.

While SEO keywords are not the only factor used to rank websites, they are a major part of it. Thus getting your keyword right is a big determinant of how traffic gets directed to your site.

SEO Keywords broken down

What are SEO keywords? Let us break this down into something relatable. Say you have a shop selling grills and smokers in California. Ideally you want to target the entire state for sales. You’ll first do an SEO keyword search. In this case you’re finding out what keywords to use on your webpages. There is an easy way to go about this.

Step 1

First find out what keywords are being used by people searching for grills in California. Do a Google search on “grills in California”.  The first thing that you’ll probably see is a location map of the top grill stores in the state. Google loves to put up rated stores so always ensure that you encourage your happy customers to rate you online. But I digress.

Step 2

Scroll down to the section which says, “People also ask…” This section is very important as it is showing you what people commonly type into search engines when searching for grills. Note down their questions and the phrases used. Now use them on your webpages so that search engines can identify them whenever customers perform a search.

On this particular search some of the questions asked include:

  • What is the best month to buy a grill?
  • Can you grill in California?
  • What is the best gas grill for the money?
  • What is the best BBQ for 2020?

These are the best phrases to use on your webpages. If you feel like they are good topics to talk about on their own, then do it in different articles. The more informative your webpages are the more likely they are to attract search engines and traffic.

Step 3

Now scroll down to the bottom of the page and look at the related searches part. This is another goldmine that’ll yield excellent SEO keywords. Read through this part and see what else people are interested in. Remember that these are mined from thousands if not millions of searches done on the topic. Thus you have an easy way of knowing exactly what keywords to use.

In this particular search on Google, the following are listed as relates searches:

  • California grilling laws
  • Non open flame grill
  • California fire code BBQ grills 2020
  • BBQ laws in California 2020
  • California fire code BBQ grills 2021

This part not only gives you keywords to incorporate into your webpages but it also gives you insights into what customers want to know about. You can then cover these topics in-depth in your web page articles.

Step 4

Now you get to look at exactly what these companies talk about on their websites. Visit the top five webpages listed in the search. Go through their pages and see what words are appearing commonly in them. These are the words that have caused Google to list them as the top five.

Mine keywords from here and don’t trivialize anything no matter how mundane it looks. If it is appearing on these sites commonly, then it is important to customers.

Step 5

If step 4 sounds like a lot of hard work, there’s an easier way to do it. Let Trade Industry Websites do the work for you. We utilize software to find out exactly what keywords competitors are using. Additionally we can rank keywords in terms of competition, cost per click, and search volume.

Step 6

The next thing is to vary the phrase in the search bar and see what results you get. You can use some of the keywords that you’ve seen listed in the previous search. Then mine for new phrases using this search. What this does is provide you with more material for you to cover on your webpages. The awesome thing is that it provides you with information that is relevant to your audience.

Step 7

With all the steps above you’ll have discovered numerous keywords for your webpages. Don’t let that put you down. Write pages incorporating some of these phrases in each page. Then link them to each other. Search engines love articles with links. Inbound links lead to other pages on your website. You really want to have a lot of these as Google analytics rank websites higher based on this.

When you have links to multiple pages and each of these pages has SEO keywords, you‘ll be easier to find in searches. This leads to more traffic and more sales for you.

Important note

One of the most crucial things to remember when conducting a keyword search is that it is all about the customers. You may have awesome things to say on your website but if it isn’t what customers are looking for, they won’t read it. Keyword searches are focused entirely on what customers are looking for. Once you identify this, then you have it made.

Following the steps above is a simple way to improve the SEO ranking of your webpage. There are other factors to consider. But these are minor additions. Once you’ve identified what customers are looking for and incorporated it, you’ve made great strides into getting them onto your website. Start the process today and get that traffic coming in!