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Website Content Writing

You’ve probably visited tons of sites in search of a product or service. Some have been easy to navigate with relevant information while others turn you off instantly. What’s the difference between them? The answer lies in the quality of the website content writing.

Website content writing is coming up with useful, relevant and accurate information for a website. This information is what visitors to your website interact with. It covers your About page, product information, frequently asked questions, contact information among others.

You want your website content written in a way that engages your audience and encourages them to buy your product. How then should this content be written? There are a few basic things that you’ll need to incorporate to achieve good content.

SEO content writing

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimized content. When a potential customer does a search on Google, the results presented represent what Google finds relevant to the search. What exactly does Google look for on web pages to identify this content? One of the distinguishing features is the words the customer uses to do the search and the other is related words. These are called keywords.

SEO content writing thus incorporates the keywords that are likely to be used in a search by potential customers. Examples that would appear in a search on the title of this page include website content writing, how to write content for a website and basics of web writing.

How then do you go about writing content for SEO?

First find out what keywords your potential customers are using. This is something that is easy to do. We have a simple to follow process in out article on SEO keywords. It involves searching for a product on a search engine. Then you’ll find out what other searches are related to the one you have done. Google lists these related searches under the “People also ask…” section.

You’ll then incorporate these words in your SEO content so that search engines can read it when a search is done. A point to note here is that keywords shouldn’t be plastered all over your content. The idea is to have them appear two or three times in in strategic places in your content. One of these places is in your headings.

What else goes into website content writing that is good for SEO?

SEO and content writing go together. You may incorporate all relevant keywords but if your content is poor, you’ll put off your audience really fast. Here are a few tips to creating awesome content.

Know your audience.

When writing good content, you must have your audience in mind at all times. What would you want to know as a customer? What would be your concerns? Are there assurances that would help you make the buy decisions faster like guarantees of quality?

With this in mind, you’ll be addressing the needs of the customer in your writing. For example, in California, grilling with charcoal grills has had some legal issues arising. If you’re offering an awesome alternative grill, first speak to this concern before offering the solution. You’ll grab your audience’s attention faster this way. Once you have their attention you can elaborate on all the terrific qualities of your grill.

Know your competition

Additionally, understanding your competitors and what they’re offering clients is crucial in writing content for SEO. You’ll discover the keywords that they’re using as well as get ideas on what to cover in your content. Being in the same business also gives you the unique ability to identify gaps in their content. Address these gaps in your content and you’ll have an advantage over them.

Use lots of headings and sub-headings

Nobody likes to read a large block of text. Therefore when writing content for SEO, ensure that you break down your content with sub-headings. This serves two purposes. It makes the content easier to read and secondly, it enables to reader to scroll down to what is relevant to them. Readers love this as they’re enabled to engage the content faster.

For the sake of SEO, use various keywords and phrases in these headings and sub-headings. Search engines love this and will pick out your content faster.

Use short precise paragraphs

Ideally your SEO content writing should incorporate 3 to 5 sentence paragraphs that contain one idea. Focusing each paragraph on one idea helps the reader pick up on what you’re talking about faster.

Bulleted lists

Whenever possible use bullets in your content. This could be when you’re listing pros and cons. A process or series of instructions is also an ideal place to use bullets or numbers. Text becomes easier to read and follow when it’s numbered or bulleted. Remember that the idea is to keep your reader engaged.

Have a call to action

A call to action invites your reader to subscribe to your mailing list, or purchase a product or service. It is compelling and reins them in after they’ve read your awesome content. Always have this at strategic places in your content.

As you can see, SEO and content writing must go hand in hand. Good content without SEO will have little traffic drawn to it. SEO with poor content leads to poor customer engagement.

Key things for SEO web content

There are other features that make your content stand out with search engines. Check on these crucial features before publishing your content.

Meta Description

This is a 2 sentence description of your content. It incorporates high traffic keywords in a small description of your content. It may also include a call to action or address a common concern. This section only takes 160 characters so make it precise and compelling.

Use internal and external links

If possible link your web page to others on your website. These are internal links and they encourage your audience to engage your website further. Outbound links send your audience to other websites that have information that is important to them. Ideally these should be pages that support you and not your competitors.

Search engines love pages with internal and external links. Thus ensure that you incorporate these to have a higher chance of appearing in searches.

Website content writing is an excellent way to reach your audience, speak to their concerns and bring them to your side. With the incorporation of SEO content and the few tips written about here, you’ll see an improvement in your traffic and audience engagement. All the best in your writing!