Website Design

Your website design is an extension of your business. Like it or not, visitors will make a judgment how you do business by the way your website looks.

If you are a company offering plumbing service or HVAC repair and replacement but when a potential customer visits your website and there’s nothing there but a bland page, would you really fault them for leaving?

So you go the other route and fill your website with a lot of gimmicks. You employ Flash player to make it more dynamic, and you upload lots of videos and graphics. You now have a very flashy website.

But then because it’s so heavy, it takes forever to load. Your customers will get tired of waiting and move on.

You know much time you have to make a good impression on a first-time customer?

Ten seconds.

Your website better load fast because the more time the visitors spend waiting, the less time they are going to spend browsing your site. When it comes to web design, it’s all about finding the right balance.

You need to have aesthetics, functionality, excellent navigation, and rich content.

A good web design also needs to be optimized.

Why is Optimization Important?

You may have heard about website optimization, and you may think that it’s just some puffed-up term to fleece more money from you. But it’s actually very crucial.

First off, you need your website to be read properly on different devices. Your customers won’t access the Internet using the desktop all the time. Those days are gone.

In fact, it’s much more likely that they would be on their smartphones when they visit your website.

The number of smartphone users in the world is expected to breach the 5 billion mark by the year 2019.

They are spending 4-5 hours per day glued to their phones. They should be at the top of your demographic.

And your website should be optimized for web and mobile browsing. There’s nothing more annoying than trying to access a website and you get an error message. That’s the fastest way to drive away potential customers.

But you are not just going to impress your customers with the web design.

Don’t Forget the Search Engines

Before Google to display the results, the giant search engine needs to index the websites first. It will then arrange it by order of relevance, safety, credibility, and trustworthiness of content.

If your website design is not properly constructed, Google will ignore it and instead display other websites in the search engine results page.

You know your potential customers? Yep, they are going to your competitors.

This is why finding the right professional to make your website design is crucial for your business. And this is our expertise.

The biggest advantage of our website designers is that they can also code. That means your website designer doesn’t only look good but also structurally sound and functionally efficient. That means your website is safe, credible, and trustworthy.