Web Developer

Why do I need to hire a web developer for my page when there are a lot of free templates around?

If we get a nickel every time we are asked that question we’d be off a beach somewhere.

Indeed, there are plenty of website builders that you can use for free. WordPress is a very popular option when you are talking about a website builder.

Heck, we use WordPress, too.

But here’s a difference:

As expert web developers will tinker with the generic code contained in WordPress so it can be customized to your own specifications and requirements.

That means better user interface, improved functionality, better security, and more attuned to what you are trying to do.

Definition of a Web Developer

A web developer can build your website from the ground up. Think of it as like building a house. You want to have a superior foundation because when the time comes that you need to extend several stories up, the structure will hold up because of the good bones.

Simply put, it’s not enough that you have a website and that it functions. As far as search engines like Google are concerned, it’s what’s going on behind the scenes that matter.

Here are some of the risks if you go to free website builders:

  • You don’t have control over what the host company will do once the website is up and running
  • Your website becomes slower
  • You can’t customize your website because of the limitations set by the builder
  • You compromise your security because you have no idea over how the website builders secure their systems
  • Chances are you won’t be found by people searching for your services or products on the web, because you do not understand keywords, or how to properly write content to be found.

Building the Website

Some people always ask that a web developer is expensive. However, building an optimized website that could match your targeted goals is not easy.

What you get when you hire us are:

  • A fully customizable website, and you have full control over every little detail
  • A website that loads fast and doesn’t lag, a fast loading website is of crucial importance.
  • A secure website because of the dedicated script

We utilize WorldPress as the platform for all of our websites,  and we use the best hosting company for this platform.

We offer a great start up website package for just $150.00.