Web Hosting

An error message is probably the scariest words that any company website will hear, right after “The site ahead contains malware.”

To avoid both, you need an effective web hosting service provider.

A web hosting service basically rents a space on the World Wide Web which you can then use to upload your website. The space will depend on your budget. The bigger the space—measured in gigabytes—the more expensive it’s going to be.

Why Choose Us?

Now, there are a lot of free web hosting services around so why choose us?

We use a WordPress platform to build your website but our expert web developers will customize it by writing additional codes.

As a result, you are guaranteed speed, security, and scalability.

Let us throw some numbers at you.

E-consultancy surveyed UK shoppers and almost 4 in 10 insisted that they will go somewhere else if the website fails to load within 10 seconds. Go to 20 seconds, and you would have lost more than 44% of page views.

You can actually boost your conversion rate by as much as 74% if you improve the time your pages load to just two seconds.

The fact is that the Internet is such a huge place that it resulted in visitors having very short patience and attention span. Why stay in your lagging page when they can go to your competitor? Makes sense, right?

If you are in their position, you would have done the same.

You know how much your pages should load in order to retain the attention of your website visitors?

One second.

Search engines will appreciate the fact that you are concerned about your website loading speed, too.

In fact, most of the websites on the first pages of the Google search engine results page have an average loading speed of fewer than two seconds. A difference of 300 milliseconds will already make your website drop to page 10.

Website Security

Another feature that our web hosting service is very serious about is website security.

But we’re already ahead in the ballgame in terms of utilizing a hosting company that makes this a number 1 priority. This is another layer of security that we provide to our customers to make sure their websites are safe and secure from outside hackers.

A data breach can cause, sometimes irreparable, damage to the business because no customer would be able to entrust their private information to the same company again. It’s likely that they will fall into your competitor’s willing arms.

In 2015, Semafone, a fraud prevention firm in the UK, surveyed 2000 consumers and more than 8 in 10 of them claimed that they are not likely to work again with a company who allowed a data leak.

Of course, it goes without saying that your profits suffer from a decline in your customer base.

Our packages are fully customizable and scalable. As your business grows so will your website, and that requires more space.

Few months or years down the line, when you have to accommodate more traffic and content, we can easily scale up as the need arises.

Lastly, our web hosting service has a 99% uptime guarantee so that means no more error messages for your customers.